Child’s LED Safety Slap Wristband (Hi-Vis Band for Active Kids)


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The First LED Slap Bracelet Made for Kids
We innovate new products for kid’s safety. These slap bands are sized for smaller wrists, so that they won’t slip off. Rest assured in the quality and durability of our products.

HIGH QUALITY - These are NOT throw-away bands. We use a soft, but high-quality nylon for the inside of the bands, and a DURABLE layer for the outside. Bright LED bulbs, and an easily replaceable battery complete the bracelet.

STROBE - These bands have 3 settings: rapid strobe, slow strobe, and steady light. Strobe is the recommended setting for most activities such as jogging, biking, etc., plus it uses much less battery than when in steady mode.

HIGH-VISIBILITY - Full 360-degree range of light. These high-visibility wrist bands let you keep track of your kid(s) in any situation. Nothing matters more than your child’s safety, and with two bracelets your child will always be seen whether you are out walking, running, cycling, or hiking.


  • MADE FOR KIDS - These slap bracelets are made specifically to fit snugly around ANY child’s wrist or ankle, and with this 2-pack, your child will always be seen.
  • SWEAT RESISTANT – The super-durable nylon band resists moisture and sweat, giving the most comfort.
  • HIGH-VISIBILITY STROBE - These slap wristbands are equipped with attention getting fast-and-slow strobe settings, and a constant setting for 360-degree range of light.
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY - The replaceable CR2032 battery (found at most major stores) allows this band to last much longer than other bands.


Product description:

  • Red LED Strap - Two Pack
  • Made for Kids
  • Fast-and-Slow Strobe Settings
  • Constant Setting
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Color: Red


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